Monday, August 22, 2011

Prompts in SAP BO OLAP universe (query key date)

Having recently struggled with a key date prompt in a BO universe built on a BEx query ... I'm posting here some samples and screenshots of the outcome as I didn't find/couldn't understand documentation on this ....

The universe wizard in my case didn't generate something usable out of the box, so I had to tweak it a bit

First one, how to show it as a datepicker (sounds strange ...)

The corresponding code for the prompt is:

<filter key="[YV_DAY]"><condition operatorcondition="Equal"><constant tech_name=" @Prompt('Data Cardine (formato YYYYMMDD)','D',,mono,free)"></condition></filter>

Then if you want it to be a simple, no frills, single value prompt

<filter key="[YV_DAY]"><condition operatorcondition="Equal"><constant tech_name="@Prompt('Data Cardine (formato YYYYMMDD)','A',,mono,free)"></condition></filter>

And if you want the prompt to “forget” the previous value when the query is refreshed:

<filter key="[YV_DAY]"><condition operatorcondition="Equal"><constant tech_name="@Prompt('Data Cardine (formato YYYYMMDD)','A','Data\LovData CardineBase',mono,free, not_persistent)"></condition></filter>
Also see note 1407631 and keep up with the updates on BW and BO side, IMHO it’s not a mature solution yet.

Note 1142664 - MDX: Composite SAP note about performance improvements

Note 838800 - Composite SAP Note for consulting notes about MDX/OLAP BAPIs

Note 1156101 - MDX: Composite SAP note for incorrect data

Another useful one

Note 1567394 - MDX: Consulting note for sort sequence