Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gnuwin32, what about the docs????

Today I had to surrender and use grep on a pile of rubbish, er ..., on some Cognos files, those pesky .icr, so I went to the GNUWin32 site, downloaded the grep installer for windows and run, just like any good (windows) boy would do ... and the first surprise came, the gnuwin32/bin dir is not added to path ... anyway, I added it by hand and went on, in hope that a simple grep --help would give me all infos, here it is:
D:\FOLDER>grep --help
Usage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE] ...
Search for PATTERN in each FILE or standard input.
Example: grep -i 'hello world' menu.h main.c

So I'd say single quotes are good, but ... this is what worked ... I'm just pissed by this

D:\FOLDER>grep -H "Table :" *.icr > tables_in_catalog.txt

NO single quotes, but DOUBLE quotes!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Opensource database comparison

"Which is the best opensource database?", "How does MySQL/PostgreSQL/Firebird ... (you name it) stand against Firebird/PostgreSQL/MySQL ... (you name it again)?" I'm shure we've all heard this questions many times, but now I have the definitive answer, by Jim Starkey himself, you can read the full post here, but in short is

"I think the short answer is that nobody with the experience to do this
is interested in doing it. I know that this isn't a particularly useful
answer, but I'm afraid it is the truth."