Sunday, July 27, 2008

The new MINI Clubman

I'm the happy owner of a New MINI ONE and had a chance to try the New MINI Cooper Clubman, which, apart being the bigger sister of my car, is also a second generation New Mini, which means new engine, new steering and some other things ... unfortunately not all of them are nice.
First of all, the new engine seems to be better than the old one, with a nice sound and good power.
The new steering is good, very light when parking and with a nice, heavy feeling at speed.
Car dynamics are great as usual, a pleasure to drive.
Now for the "not nice" things, rear visibility is close to zero:

The rear booth is bigger than the standard Mini (not too difficult ;)) but overall smaller than what I expected:

and the rear doors don't help when parked in tight quarters.

Other than that I didn't like some of the plastics used inside the car

and the awful "Goldrake" look of the central instruments, see it for

Basically the Mini didn't change, so nice to drive that you'll forget it's price tag and everything else, but I must say that I like the first generation new Mini better than it's successor.

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Artur said...

Nice car, pabloj!